Our Vision is to transform the world to a place where peace and well-being are everyone’s highest priority. 

Who We Are?

Levitatee is a ONE tech platform for addressing all well-being needs that range from Travel, Sports, Fitness, Experiences, Mental Wellbeing, Retail & more enabling our partners to showcase and end-users to explore all of the related products and services promoting global wellness.

Founded in 2019 in Singapore by experienced professionals in Hospitality, People Management and Technology sector, Levitatee is our Team’s heartfelt effort to reduce the societal stress & introduce you to the constant happiness within you with an aim to make this planet a happier place to be for humans race!

Our goal is you check out feeling Healthier and Happier than when you checked in through our soulful packages.
Nothing can beat such a way of planning vacations!

What We Do?

Wellness Travel is one of the fastest growing areas in tourism thus we have invested in Digital Technology to bring to you Levitatee, for empowering People to easily plan and book wellness packages worldwide and discover self.

Levitatee invests in digital technology to simplify our customer Wellness and Travel needs. Through our user friendly platform and our continuous growing network of partners and destinations in the world, our customers can search, plan and book their next destination at best market prices.

Additionally they can explore and search “Vegan and Vegetarian Restaurants” through our platform.

We believe it's time to come in harmony with ourselves, our planet and ultimately with the Divine Universe. So Let's embark on this journey TOGETHER where Wellbeing is the outcome of Travel!

Why we are doing this?

Our Mind and Body is constantly on the run to meet our needs and materialistic desires that has left our wellbeing at back seat. Working nonstop is the need of the hour and, if we don’t do so, our survival becomes difficult. With ever growing health issues in the last few decades mainly due to unhealthy lifestyles issues, Governments from different countries including different corporate companies are now taking wellbeing score cards as their priority for its People welfare.

Thus Society seems to be making a conscious effort to eat healthy, exercise more, and take the mind, body, and soul balance approach in life. Wellness Travel statistics are clearly on the rise in the last few years with Travellers changing mindset that is looking for a more holistic experience through travelling where they can combine the two -Travel and Wellness together.

Levitatee’s user friendly platform takes this honor to facilitate this need and make booking wellness travel easy for travel enthusiast at best market prices sitting on their computer or mobile phones.


What motivates us?

In this VUCA age, it is an imperative that companies are people centric whether its customers, partners or employees, or communities. Having a growth mindset, learning agility, results driven working environment and hunger to create value in people’s life are few motivating principles that keeps us going amidst of business ups and downs. We all have a mission larger than our own and below is that binds, drives and impact us on an ongoing way as we work together.


*Growth Mindset* Drives commitment, determination and innovation needed to thrive in the modern age businesses. Growth mindset mitigates the risk of complacency and will constantly inspires us to embrace the inevitable change through learning agility and adaptability.

*CARING* for our customers, partners, employees, global communities, or charities. Our beliefs and thinking approach manifests throughout whether it is at ideation level or execution level through our levCARES initiatives.

*CONNECTING* This value reinforces our efforts to be connected to each other whether our customers, partners, employees, family, friends, global communities to places, nature, and self.

*INTEGRITY & ETHICS* Integrity is choosing your thoughts and actions based on values rather than personal gains. We trust open, ethical transparent environment helps us in establishing trust as a credible partner at work.

*BELIEVE ITS POSSIBLE* We create a lasting and positive impact within our communities and industries through our products and services. When we work hard, stay focused and act in service to others, we believe anything is possible.

These core values drives our culture that foster team’s cohesiveness & energize us to perform our best for success of levitatee’s mission and vision.

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