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What are Wellness Packages?

Wellness Packages are curated experiences that are customized by health experts/ Guru’s /Teachers for you, looking into various aspects of body needs that aims to heal, rejuvenate,harmonize mind body and soul to make you feel refreshed at the end of these experiences. In short- These are experiences that gives you (leisure + wellness) at the end of the trip.

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What’s included in Wellness Packages?

An immersive, perspective-shifting itinerary that will have inspiring destinations with radical rest, relaxation and rejuvenation activities with tasty local cuisine that will give you flavours of local culture and food that calms your mind and helps in detoxification, wanderlust & cultural exploration, escapism in beautiful natural surroundings, digital detox expedition, self inquiry and educational programs curated by experienced Guru’s and Teachers.

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What are the different types of Wellness Packages offerings on Levitatee?

Wellness Packages can be quite diverse ranging from Yoga, Meditation, Spirituality, Body Detox, Ayurvedic, Naturopathy, Body Healing, Weight Management, Stress Management and many more. Quite popular ones are included in Levitatee’s Categories.

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Why should I choose Wellness Experiences?
Our Mind and Body is constantly on the run to meet our needs and materialistic desires that has left our wellbeing at back seat. Working nonstop is the need of the hour and, if we don’t do so, our survival becomes difficult. Travellers are making conscious effort to eat healthy, exercise more, and take the mind, body, and soul balance approach in life even more so when they are Travelling on vacations. People are noticing immediate results in their Wellbeing including improved vital stats and medical reports after they have taken Wellness Travel.
How do I make an enquiry about a package?
Click on Ask a Question tab on the right hand side of the package through our platform to type your query and send it to the publisher directly. The publisher will respond back to you on your mentioned email address with the response within 24 hours.
What if you do not get any response back from the Publisher?

We prioritize our customer queries and respond back within 24 hours. However If you don’t get any response in this time, please send us your query by visiting customer support on the right hand side top corner or by visiting bottom of the site page.

Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]


How do I book my choice of Wellness Package on Levitatee’s platform?

You can browse different Wellness Packages on Levitatee’s Platform by visiting our Home Page. Look for Discover Hot Deals or Latest Packages or Explore Packages based on Categories section to choose the right kind of Wellness Package suiting you need.

Once you have chosen your preferred package, create your profile on Leviatatee’s platform by clicking Sign Up on top right side of the navigation bar. After successfully creating the account, you will receive an email from Levitatee on your mentioned email address for verification, click on the link to verify your account and thereafter Login to book your package.

How do I know I have made successful booking?
After you have made a booking with us, you will be redirected to the booking's page where you will see the details of your booking. A success message will also be highlighted to show the payment status. Besides that, you will also receive an email for your booking with all the details related to it.
What requirements do I need to be aware of before booking my package?
Some Packages may need advanced or intermediate skills for performing certain activities. Thus, please look carefully for details on the skills/ requirements section on each package before making a booking. You will also have to comply with local laws and regulations in city/place that you are visiting as any other standard travel mandate. All details for an experience will be included in the package listing by the package publisher.
Can my Children accompany me as well?
We have customized Family Packages listed on our platform that can include Children/Kids but some packages are strictly for Adults. Look for package detail for more on this, alternatively check with the package publisher to confirm on this aspect.


What payments options I can choose to make Reservations?
We have two payment methods on our site. You can choose to pay either through paypal or stripe payment gateway.


How do I cancel my Bookings?
To cancel a booking, go to My bookings tab from your account and select the booking that you want to cancel. Click on the cancel booking button to request the cancellation. Make sure to read the cancellation policy carefully before making a cancellation request.
How will I get my Refund?
After you have requested a cancellation, we will review it and will provide you the refund (if any) in the same account from which the payment was made within next 5-7 working days. The refund will be calculated based on the cancellation policy specified by the publishes. So make sure you read the cancellation policy carefully before making a request.
What if my Wellness Package/Experience/Retreat is cancelled by the host?
If your host cancelled your reservation, we'll give you a full refund back within 30days. You can visit our Terms and Conditions for more details.

After Check-out

How do I share my experience on Levitatee’s platform?
You can Login to your account and click Review Section on the left side navigation section to write a Review about your experience. We highly recommend our users to share their experience through Reviews so others in the community can be benefited from your experience.

LevCARES & Karma Points

What is LevCares?
LevCARES is Levitatee’s key arm that prioritizes on social impact. Care for People and Planet is embedded at the core of our Business Strategy. LevCARES works with nonprofit and charitable organisations, governments to support humanitarian causes and help people in need. Visit LevCARES for more details
What are Karma Points?
Karma Points are LevCARES’s Customer Loyalty Program (LCLP) that motivates and inspires people to give back to society through Travelling. As you book, you earn Karma Points that can be donated to charitable organisations supporting social causes.
How do I earn my Karma Points?
Simple “Book and earn Karma Points” in our loyalty program. For every dollar you spent on your wellness package, you get to earn Karma points that you can donate. LevCARES will convert your Karma Points into cash donations on your behalf to the charity organisations. As a commitment to our mutual mission, “LevCARES” will double your contribution for donation.
Why should you participate in Karma Points Loyalty Program?
You can earn good Karma and the various benefits of well-being through Giving back. Helping people in need strengthens the communities, nations and travel makes the world a better place for all of us to evolve. It helps in Personal growth & Well-being. Having INTEGRITY and being USEFUL for others - you understand people better and start appreciating what you have.
How does Karma Points or LevCARES Customer Loyalty Program (LCLP) work?
For every 100$ you spend, you get 100 Karma Points that is equal to 0.1$ contribution in charity. As a commitment to our mutual mission, LevCARES will double your contribution for donation and support the noble cause. For details, visit Karma Points page
Where can I see my earned Karma Points?
You can Login to your account to see My Karma Points details on the left side navigation bar.
What if you find discrepancy in the Karma Points earned?

You can visit Customer Support on the right hand side top corner or visit bottom of the site page to send us the query details on this. We will get back at earliest with a respond.

Alternatively, you can email us at [email protected]
Can I choose the charity in which I can contribute my Karma Points?
No, at this point our platform will not allow you to choose the charity organisation. LevCARES will donate the Karma points to the Charity Partners on random basis.
How will I know where my Karma Points are donated?
You will receive the LevCARES newsletter on monthly basis to see the impact you made to the world along with other contributors.

My Account

Why should I have my own account?
You can browse through Leviatee’s platform without having an account however if you wish to make a booking then you will have to create an account. Additionally, you will also get 100 Karma points as you login to your account and be a part of one of its kind Levitatee’s Customer Loyalty Program (LCLP).
How should I create my account?
To create your account, click on the Sign up link on our website and submit the required details. After you have submitted the details, you will be required to verify your email address. You will receive an email at your registered email address with a verification link to do that.
How to reset my password?
To reset your password, go to the Login page and click on Forgot Password link. Enter your registered email address. You will receive an email on your registered email address with a password reset link.

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