Karma Points is your gateway to gathering good Karma through act of giving back to society.

Use your Karma Points for a good cause!

Karma (car-ma) is a word meaning the result of a person's actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect.

Both on physical and Intellectual level, you are bound to experience an increase in your levels of wellbeing when you give back to society. Thus we have designed this program for our travellers.

Why Giving Back or Donating is important?

It helps in Personal growth & Well being. Having INTEGRITY and being USEFUL for others - you understand people better and start appreciating what you have. As a result GRATITUDE, i.e one of the healthiest human emotion increases.

Act of sharing is said to increase your emotional awareness too. This elevates feeling of CONNECTION with Self and Planet and not just increases our happiness quotient but also meant to strengthen communities and nations.

The Theory Of Karma can be thought off to be an extension to Newton's third law of action and reaction where every action of any kind, including words, thoughts and feelings will eventually have a reaction..

It implies that absolutely nothing exists, which does not comply with the law of cause and effect.

Simple “Book and earn Karma Points” in our loyalty program.

For every dollar you spent on your wellness package, you get to earn Karma points that you can donate. LevCARES will convert your Karma Points into cash donations on your behalf to the charity organisations.

As a commitment to our mutual mission, “LevCARES” will double your contribution for donation.

You can earn good Karma and the various benefits of well being through Giving back. Helping people in need strengthens the communities, nations and travel makes the world a better place for all of us to evolve.

For every 100$ you spend, you get 100 Karma Points that is equal to 0.1$ contribution in charity.

As a commitment to our mutual mission, LevCARES will double your contribution for donation and support the noble cause.

Please refer to the table below to understand in detail.

Dollar Value spent on travel Karma Points earned Dollar value equivalent in Charity
1000$ 1000 1$
5,000$ 5000 5$
10,000$ 10,000 10$
15,000$ 15,000 15$
20,000$ 20,000 20$

You will get 100 Karma points as you login to your account. After this you will have to book your travel to earn and increase your Karma Points.

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