Levitatee Cares (LevCARES) Welcomes you to the world of CARING for People and Planet

LevCARES is Levitatee’s key arm that prioritizes on social impact.

Care for People and Planet is embedded at the core of our Business Strategy. Levcares works with nonprofit and charitable organisations, governments to support humanitarian causes and help people in need.

LevCARES is extremely humbled to present KARMA POINTS LOYALTY PROGRAM to inspire and motivate our loyal customers to support social causes and make an impact on the planet as you embark on your Wellbeing or Transformational journey with us!

Karma Points is your gateway to gathering good Karma through act of giving back to society.

Karma Points

Use your Karma Points for a good cause!

Karma (car-ma) is a word meaning the result of a person's actions as well as the actions themselves. It is a term about the cycle of cause and effect.

Both on physical and Intellectual level, you are bound to experience an increase in your levels of wellbeing when you give back to society. Thus we have designed this program for our travellers.

Simple “Book and earn Karma Points” in our loyalty program.

For every dollar you spent on your wellness package, you get to earn Karma points that you can donate. LevCARES will convert your Karma Points into cash donations on your behalf to the charity organisations.


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