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07 Nights Naturopathy Primary Detox Package in Gokarna

CGHEARTH, Gokarna, India


The name Prakriti Shakti means the power or strength of Nature. Prakriti Shakti, is a healing space in tune with nature at its best. It is located in Panchalimedu, Idukki District, Kerala. Panchalimedu borders the Periyar Tiger Reserve. Prakriti Shakti’s location in Panchalimedu thus makes it pure and pristine. Prakriti Shakti, with its 19 non air-conditioned rooms and well-equipped health facilities, is the ideal space to observe, meditate on and feel the power of the elements of nature - the elements that will heal you.


Naturopathy Retreat & Cure (7 Days & 10 days onward)
Standing true to its name in the mist and magic of Panchalimedu district in Kerala, Prakriti Shakti looks over the 180 degree view of the periyar range and heals souls through the power of nature cure. The basic detox retreat begins at 7 days while curative programs begin 10 days onwards.

Program Schedule

Treatments Vitality maintains and promotes good health and is the sole curative force that can restore the imbalances in your system, outwardly manifested as various ailments. The therapies in Naturopathy boost your vitality and thus bring about cure and optimal health. The elements of nature are the healing agents in Natural Medicine and treatments like Hydrotherapy, Mud Therapy and Heliotherapy let these elements interact with the body and facilitate healing and rejuvenation.
Being a system of medicine that works on the energy layer of the body, called Pranayama Kosha, Energy Medicine is brought into the treatment programmes to aid the self-healing process. Various massages are also integrated into the curing process to relax the muscles and improve blood circulation. The therapies, administered by our team of doctors and therapists in the purest way, work without disturbing the natural functioning of the body and do not have any harmful side effects.


Prakriti Shakti has 19 rooms and a spacious, wellequipped treatment area to facilitate the therapies and the doctors’ consultations. Every room has a balcony that invites the serenity and viridescence of Panchalimedu into your living space. Therapy rooms for Hydrotherapy, Mud Therapy and Heliotherapy, a Reflexology track, massage rooms, spa rooms and a yoga hall are among the various specialised spaces in the treatment area. We also have a library with books on Naturopathy, Yoga and related practices.
In thegolden hue of sunrise, our pool area with a panoramic view of the hills is the ideal spot to welcome the heavenly mornings. This common area with outdoor seating, together with the adjacent restaurant area, is a space where people often gather for shared therapy sessions and illuminating discussions. Intertwined with the wilderness of the verdant hillocks, Prakriti Shakti has many scenic spots where you can be sequestered from the world and immerse yourself in the beauty of nature.

Facilities Included

Dining area
Environmentally friendly
Free parking
Medical assistance
Swimming pool (outdoor)


All Meals are included.Our Food Philosophy Being mindful of what you eat and the way you eat is a major part of naturopathic lifestyle. In naturopathic treatment process too, prescribing dietary practises based on your health condition is crucial to initiate and sustain the healing mechanism of your body. Diet and fasting therapy in three distinct stages is a treatment modality in Natural Medicine. Each stage has unique dietary requirements to facilitate elimination, reconstruction and soothing. At Prakriti Shakti, we completely adhere to these dietary requirements. They form the basis of our food philosophy. Our culinary team, with guidance from our medical team, have imbibed the wholesomeness and curative properties of naturopathic food culture. With their gastronomic expertise, this salubrious food philosophy has evolved into relishable dishes, created using healthful methods and served in an exquisite manner.

Yoga Styles

Yoga Therapy Yoga complements and enhances naturopathic healing. Together, Naturopathy and Yoga form a complete healthcare system that heals the body, mind and spirit. By combining the various aspects and types of Yoga based on their unique therapeutic outcomes, the doctors at Prakriti Shakti have developed a set of treatment regimens to facilitate healing from within and treat specific health conditions. The regimens are created by integrating five distinct types of Yoga. Soukya Yoga is practised to keep all your systems in optimal health.
At Prakriti Shakti, Soukya Yoga sessions begin with the first lights of dawn and each day, the exercises focuson a particular system in the body. Samana Yoga is practised as personalised Yoga sessions designed for each patient based on his / her physical and mental health conditions. Dharana Yoga sessions are for teaching guided relaxation techniques like Yoga Nidra and Cyclic Meditation, which help in understanding and experiencing a restful yet alert state of mind. Through Dhyana Yoga, the patients are taught how to meditate and stay in a state of peace with correct breathing. Shudhi Kriyas are natural cleansing procedures which help in internal purification. It is practised based on individual needs and during certain phases of the treatment.

Skill Level

This is open for all skill levels.

What's Included

The paclkage includes 

  • 7 nights Accomodation 
  • All Meals

Facilities Provided in Prakriti Shakti

  • Naturopathy treatment and yoga facilities
  • Yoga hall
  • Patients dining hall 
  • In room dining for patients if prescribed by doctor 
  • Private shower room 
  • Non a/c 
  • Wi-Fi facilities  
  • Swimming pool 
  • Intercom facilities   
  • Writing table 
  • Laundry facility available 
  • Locker facility available in the room 


Getting to Prakriti Shakti is easy. Prakriti Shakti is just 3.2 hours away from Cochin International Airport. The nearest towns you can visit from Prakriti Shakti are Kochi and Kottayam. Your closest railway stations are Kottayam and Changanassery.

Things to do

Booking available from Jan 27 to Apr 30, 2021

Check-In: 08:00 am

Check-Out: 08:00 am

07 Nights - Primary Detox

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Cancellation Policy

  • Payment & Cancellation
  • 50% advance payment must be received 60 days prior (or before the cut-off date mentioned for reservation) for booking confirmation, and the balance payment may be made any time before your arrival at Prakriti Shakti.
  • • Full refund if cancelled 30 days in advance.
  • 50% refund if cancelled 21 days in advance.
  • • Nil refund if cancelled less than 20 days

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