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Your Wellness Packages will be proactively promoted across the globe through are targeted Digital Marketing efforts to maximizing your reach.

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Easily create and manage your listing, as well as to join our various promotional offers,hot deals and campaigns from time to time to attract even more travelers.

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Our easy-to-use Partner Portal along with world class Content and Partner Support Teams will help you constantly optimize your product strategy and help in boosting your revenue numbers.

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Sign up for free here and start creating free listings of your Wellness Packages.Commissions will only be charged when you get a successful booking through us.

Access to Partner Dashboard Analytics

You get access to Smart Dashboard Analytics that enable you to see various transactions and activities to help you with quick business data.

Save Marketing Cost

As we promote your products and increase your brand awareness globally, you can save huge Marketing & Branding cost yet generate accelerated bookings and improve your overall business performance.

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Our Advanced platform enable you to interact and respond to customer queries directly to give them enhanced experience.

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Signing up and listing your Wellness Packages are completely free on our platform. Once you have received a reservation, we charge a service/commission fee as agreed in your Levitatee Partner Agreement(LPA) to provide you services and necessary constant support and to help cover the cost of running the business.The commission percentage will be mutually agreed and will be shown on your Levitatee Partner Agreement(LPA).

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